Betty Crocker

Betty Crocker

One of the lesser-known facts about me is that in 1956 I came in second in the state of Massachusetts  in the Betty Crocker Search for the Homemaker of Tomorrow. This was determined by a test that high school senior girls took. The first part consisted of short-answer questions along with some multiple choice. Two questions stuck in my mind: 1. What is the best way to remove blood from clothing – something every girl knows by that age and 2.) how many teaspoons are there in a tablespoon?  Having done a lot of sewing, cooking, and child care, I breezed through that section. There were also a few math- oriented problems involving halving recipes and percentages for tips, interest, sale prices etc. Finally came the requirement for an essay based on a picture. I have some vague memory of a picture of a town with buildings and people.
When the news that I had come in second in the state was announced at school and in the local paper, I took a lot of ribbing for the title” Homemaker of Tomorrow,” but the prize was no laughing matter. It was a $500 scholarship, a considerable amount sixty years ago, and paid for my first semester at Tufts.
Some years later when I was married, my husband must have known about that title because once when he noticed dust bunnies under a chair, he said, “I think I ‘ll send those to Betty Crocker!”

Dorothy C. Judd © 2016

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