Girl Scouts

Girl Scouts

How and why did I get involved with Girl Scouts? I was in sixth grade when a random friend invited me to go to a troop meeting with her. It was my first time in an organized group, and I was more than ready for the experience. Each week, after school, I would take the bus to Medford Square to attend the meeting held at the First Baptist Church.

Soon I got a uniform, and when I look at the picture I have from that time I look like a waif: the uniform, gathered in by a webbed belt, hung on me and my undershirt showed above the top button. But I loved that uniform and was proud to wear it to school each week on meeting day.

Here are some recollections:

Being of a competitive nature, I was determined to get as many badges as possible. The only one I can remember actually earning was for “Drama.” I chose the play and the cast and directed it for an actual audience of parents and guests. Although I haven’t thought of that play in many years, when I sat down to write this, out of the dim, dark recesses of my mind popped a title: “Princess Nina’s Birthday.”

When they announced the annual cookie sale, I, of course, wanted to win a prize. I sold a few boxes, but my mother bought 24 boxes, and I won a year’s subscription to “American Girl,” a scouting magazine with no connection to present-day American Girls’ publications.

Somehow I got involved in the Girl Scout Drum and Bugle Corps. I actually practiced on a drum pad my father made for me, and each week marched around the Medford Armory in practice. But, alas, just as we were getting ready for the Memorial Day Parade, I accidentally put my drum sticks through the drum head, and Mr. Maloney put an end to my career as a drummer.

During the summer I went to Girl Scout Day Camp for two sessions and loved making a sit-upon and braiding gimp to make a lanyard. There were other crafts, nature walks, and games, but what I really loved were the songs. Many I have always remembered, and when I was teaching elementary school, I enjoyed teaching them to kids. Rounds were the most fun.

At the end of each Girl Scout meeting, we would form a friendship circle, cross arms, hold hands, and sing taps. We would then squeeze the pinky of the scout next to us as we made a wish and finally said loudly, “Good night, girls.”

Dorothy C. Judd   2015

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One Response to Girl Scouts

  1. Ann says:

    Yessss! I forgot the ending of meetings, and the pinky thing. Thank you so much for all my Girl Scout memories.

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