Glacial TV

Glacial TV

You’ve heard the expression, “It’s like watching paint dry.” Well if you have the patience for that, you will be interested to learn that Norway will soon be exporting, “Glacial TV” to the United States. Quite unlike the frenetic shows on American TV, “Slow TV” has become a cultural phenomenon in Norway and is promoted as being totally relaxing. Offerings include footage of a train as it goes from Bergen to Oslo, a 5.5 day recording of a voyage along the coast, or, imagine this: 12 hours of nonstop knitting. If newspaper articles are to be believed, the Norwegians actually sit and WATCH these “shows.”

It’s hard to imagine this catching on in the U.S. where everyone speeds when driving, rushes on foot , wants an instant tan, microwaves food, abhors waiting in any line, beeps if the car in front doesn’t pull out the instant the light turns green, and prefers to watch recorded TV shows in order to fast forward through the commercials. I once caught myself trying to fast forward through the cool down on a Jane Fonda exercise tape so I could rush off to school!

Maybe “slow TV” could serve as background to a social gathering or to personal work on a hobby or a computer. You wouldn’t have to be concerned about missing something. One of my sons took a terrible ribbing about watching the yule log on TV each Christmas season. Forgive us, O, you were just ahead of the game!

© Dorothy C. Judd

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One Response to Glacial TV

  1. Ann says:

    I use Cooking and Create TV stations for my slow teevee. Background for while I read, work, or sleep. Haha. But watching a five day train trip might be enjoyable, especially if I were enjoying the first class scenery and dining car of the Orient Express. 🙂

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