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Neology Whenever I came across the now ubiquitous word “baby bump,” I’d think, “Humph. I had babies before you commented on the bump.” I started noticing other “new” words or usages like that, and the following is a list of … Continue reading

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Alphabet of Me

Alphabet of Me A. Autumn foliage B.  Boston… Books… The beach C.   Coffee…   Cats… Champagne… Clouds D. Dunkin doughnuts… Daffodils E.  Email… Eagles F. Family… friends… Fried clams… Fireworks… French fries… Forsythia G. Greeting cards… Game…Gum H. Hymns… Hot cross buns…Hot dogs … Continue reading

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Seriously? Brian Williams: Trusted by 75% of listeners, myself included, not that I ever really thought about it. And then, come to find out, the helicopter carrying him in Iraq did not come under fire as he stated. Indeed it … Continue reading

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February GOOD NEWS: today, February 2nd, Ground Hog Day or Candlemas in the liturgical year, marks the midpoint of winter. We’ve made it half way; now another half and then spring! Punxsutawney Phil will have his moment, and let’s face … Continue reading

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