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Listen When the clerk at the drugstore wants to tell you about the puppy she got her father for Christmas to cheer him up as he recovers from cancer….listen When the grocery store checkout tells you she’s tired because she … Continue reading

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POV One of my second grade students was impossible! He thought he didn’t have to do anything he didn’t want to do but could do what he wanted to do, and that sometimes involved shoving, punching, and hitting other students. … Continue reading

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Irony In the past, I’ve posted lists of unusual, weird, and even more weird headlines, but this one headline along with its following first paragraph deserve a separate post. “Dartmouth Probes Cheating Allegations”   “A Dartmouth College professor has accused scores … Continue reading

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Acceptance ACCEPTANCE, that is the word I’ve chosen for 2015. Acceptance is tough for me. I’m the one who can’t stand the phrase “It is what it is” because I’m sure if  I or someone else just tried harder, tried … Continue reading

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