Poop Bank

Poop Bank

A poop bank. I kid you not. Right in my hometown of Medford, Mass, a company called Open Biome has opened a poop bank where one can earn as much as $40 a day by depositing poop. You should be under 50, preferably in your 20’s or 30’s, and have regular bowel movements. To qualify you undergo a lengthy questionnaire with a doctor and this includes such items as travel and use of antibiotics. The stool sample is tested for any infectious agents and the health of the bacteria, and there is blood testing for the usual diseases carried by the blood.

Why a poop bank, you ask? Healthy poop it seems is a great source of bacteria for treating the infection C.difficile which frequently results when antibiotics destroy both the bad and the good bacteria needed for maintaining healthy balance of bacteria in the bowel. The fecal samples are life-saving because that infection resists treatment by the usual means.  I have also read that “poop transplants” are being used for patients with chronic bowel diseases.

OpenBiome provides fecal samples to 122 hospitals in 33 states. They service independent physicians and hospital which do not have their own stool banks. Contributing a poop sample is easy, but at the present time a fecal transplant can be very uncomfortable as it is usually done through a colonoscopy, enema, or nasogastric tube. However right now they are experimenting with poop in the form of a frozen capsule.

I’m old enough to remember when it was taboo to talk about pooping. Now you can make money from it! How times change!

© Dorothy C. Judd

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