Even More Weird Headlines

Even More Weird Headlines

Harvard Square Businesses install tablets to collect more than spare change for homeless (Boston Globe 3/1/13)

Florida Man Swallowed by Sinkhole (A/P to Valley News 3/2/13)

Stray Seal Pup Shows Up at Maine Hospital Entrance Wandered up a steep embankment and crossed four lanes of traffic   (AP/Portland Maine March 8, 2013)

Women Sue Lingerie Companies Over Fat-Reducing Garments (Boston Globe 4/16/14)

Marijuana Food Truck Rolls in Washington State ( LA Times 6/30/14)

Woman Crashes Car with Snake Around Her Neck   (Newsday 8/6/14)

Petition: Strapping iPads to Tortoises Is Cruel (Aspen, Colo. 8/7/14)

Scientist Find PTSD Link in Rats   (Valley News 8/13/14)

At the Jesus Burgers House, They Grill for God (LA Times 8/15/14)

For the New York Condo Owner with Everything, a Million-Dollar Parking Spot (NY Times 9/10/14)

A Sip of Vodka Could Help a Cat [Hope any cat owner read the whole blurb accompanying this heading.   Snow Leopard Vodka from Poland will donate its profits to save snow leopards] (NY Times 9/10/14)

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