Still More Weird Headlines

Still More Weird Headlines

In the past, I’ve listed some weird headlines, but here are even more:

Oreos Have Similar Effects as Cocaine in Rats, Study Finds    Hartford Courant 10/17/13

Tipsy Turkeys: Birds Fed Beer Flavor, Size Enhanced               Valley News 11/9/13

No Santa, But Runner Gets Run over by Flying Deer                Valley News 12/9/13

“How to Poo on a Date” Wins Odd Book-Title Prize “ The Lover’s Guide to Toilet Etiquette”                                                                                             Valley News 3/23/14

Man Held in Brutal Attack on Pit Bull                                           Valley News 10/29/13

Zoo Elephants Are Packing on the Pounds, Causing Concerns     St. Louis Press Dispatch 10/28/13

Bits of Gold Found Growing on Trees                                                 L.A. Times 10/28/13

But here’s one just this past week out of Lisbon, Maine, that compels me to tell more of the story: “Man Does C-Section On Dead Porcupine, Saves Baby” Reading just this much made me think, “Wow, what a good guy!”  But wait: the man found a dead porcupine on the side of the road while he was in search of a valuable mineral evidently found in some wild mushrooms. Seeing the porcupine get hit by a car, he recalled hearing that sometimes a mineral deposit used in Chinese medicine formed in the stomach of porcupines, most likely from eating the mushrooms. When he cut open the porcupine’s stomach, instead of the mineral, he found a baby porcupine . After cutting the umbilical cord, he massaged the baby , and it began breathing. He will care for it temporarily and then turn it over to a licensed wildlife rehabilitator. So maybe he was a good guy after all!

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2 Responses to Still More Weird Headlines

  1. Ann says:

    Funny! And a little gross. My grandsons would love the porcupine story.

  2. liss says:

    Very interesting!

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