Do you know what Upskirting is? Well, neither did I until last week when it became the number one news item in the Boston media. On March 5th, Massachusetts’ highest court ruled that secretly photographing under a woman’s skirt , which is called “ Upskirting”, was NOT illegal. This verdict resulted in such an uproar that politicians were moved to quick action and within two days passed a bill making Upskirting illegal, a bill Governor Deval Patrick signed immediately. This is particularly remarkable in a state where bills can languish in the House for years.

It seems that a man was using his cell phone to take photos up women’s skirts when the women were sitting across from him on the MBTA. Now exactly how he did this “secretly” is another question for me. But, anyway, he was charged and convicted under the “Peeping Tom” law currently on the books. However, this charge could not hold because under that law, a person had to be nude or partially nude, (as in a fitting room or bathroom) and it was ruled that if the person were wearing a skirt or dress, regardless of what was or wasn’t underneath, this did not apply.

The new bill stated that a person wearing clothing has a reasonable expectation of privacy and thus it is a misdemeanor to take photos or videos of “the sexual or other intimate parts of a person under or around the person’s clothing.”

Well, what is it they say? You learn something new every day!

© Dorothy C. Judd

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