Wulf: Part 2

Wulf Part 2

Despite the fact that Wulf stopped destroying items, she never got over “stealing” food. Over the years, that we know of, she ate brownies and ground beef foil and all, six dozen chocolate chip cookies that my daughter had baked for school and hidden in a box under her bed, an Italian Easter pie, and a super-sized Sugar Daddy, wrapper and stick included. That Sugar Daddy is the only thing that ever made her sick, and I spent one whole night letting her out in the yard because of it. On one memorable occasion, I had purchased a cheese cake in NYC and was planning on sharing it with company that night when we returned from the restaurant. Because of this plan, no one ordered dessert, so you can just imagine the reaction when, coming in the front door, we saw the bakery box, still tied with string, sitting in the middle of the living room floor. Wulf must have knocked the box off the counter and then wedged her head into the box repeatedly. There was a circle of fur around the edge to prove it. Another time someone brought ingredients to cook dinner at my house and was puzzled when he could not find the special wedge of Parmesan he had brought. We looked everywhere, including out in his car. Weeks later, pulling off couch cushions to vacuum, there was the cheese, several tooth marks in the wrapper, shoved down between the cushion and the back of the couch!

Oh, and I almost forgot: each day when the postman came and slipped mail through the slot, Wulf would attack the door so viciously, clawing at it, that we had to screw a Lucite panel over the wooden door for fear she’d claw though it. Someone explained it this way: each day a man tried to come into the house, and Wulf drove him away. She was just doing her job. She was also “just doing her job” when she bit the paperboy . I was trying to keep her behind me, and it appeared to her that he was pushing into the house. It’s best if I don’t report where she bit him! When I took her to the blessing of the animals, I feared for the priest, but as he approached, I watched Wulf quietly lie on the grass, her head on her front paws, looking sweet and innocent.

We used to say you took Wulf for a drag and not a walk as she kept her nose to the ground inspecting every inch of sidewalk or grass. She was afraid of little dogs but went after a big dog named, aptly, Killer. If she somehow got out the door without us, it took a lot of work to get her back. To this day I can laugh out loud when I picture the morning she got away from my daughter and went streaking down a main street, my daughter in her Raggedy Ann Halloween costume in hot pursuit!

Wulf never became what you would call well-behaved. We put up a baby gate to keep her in the sun room, and she tore the gate right out of the wall. Despite it all, she was much loved and very spoiled. At McDonald’s, we would get Wulf her own box of McDonald Land cookies. At Baskin-Robbins we would buy her a cup of her favorite mint chocolate chip ice-cream. (This was before anyone said chocolate was dangerous for dogs.) She especially loved Cheez-its, M/M’s , spaghetti sauce, and cheddar cheese. She once got slightly tipsy from lapping the beer that dripped on the cement by the pool when the tap of a beer keg dripped. Oddly enough she loved having her teeth brushed and would stand patiently as she did when being given a pill.

In later life she developed bladder stones and despite an operation, special food, and a nasal spray, the problem could no longer be treated. There are many more Wulf stories. Let’s just say that she was never easy but always devoted and for ten years made me feel safe. They say all dogs go to Heaven, and I think once she got there Wulf must have been selected to guard the pearly gates.

© Dorothy C. Judd

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What to say? I love my family and friends. I also love kids, cats, and books. Oh, and potato chips and Cheez-its. I am a retired teacher who still loves to be in the classroom, so now I am a substitute teacher.
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One Response to Wulf: Part 2

  1. Diane Chandler says:

    A sweet story, and nice and sometimes funny memories of her. I know you miss her still, as I still miss all the dogs in my life.

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