Several summers ago, I decided to learn to play golf. I went to a nearby golf course, paid for a lesson, and borrowed a club. The guy at the desk gave me a coin to get balls from the machine at the driving range. I inserted the coin, pressed the button, and….golf balls came pouring out of the machine and after making a huge clatter on the concrete apron rolled all over the range . Everyone turned in my direction. What? I was supposed to put a bucket under the chute?

Mortified, I approached the golf pro, apologizing madly. He said, “You don’t think you’re the only one that ever did that, do you?”

I never went back, never did learn to play golf, but I did learn that sometimes it really helps to say, “You don’t think you’re the only one that ever did that, do you?”

© Dorothy C. Judd

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About twofelines

What to say? I love my family and friends. I also love kids, cats, and books. Oh, and potato chips and Cheez-its. I am a retired teacher who still loves to be in the classroom, so now I am a substitute teacher.
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3 Responses to Reassuring

  1. Lisa Gross says:

    Yes it does feel good to have company!

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  2. efmcmahon says:

    laughing out loud, too funny:) something I’d do!

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