75 RAK

75 RAK

Somewhere on the Internet I saw an article by a woman who was soon going to be having a 45th birthday. She decided to mark the occasion by starting 45 days ahead of time, doing one Random Act of Kindness (RAK) each day with the 45th act on her birthday. I liked the idea and later Googled to reread the article. It seems there is a whole movement afoot to celebrate a birthday in this way with a number of variations. I noticed, however, that no one was over 48!

Somewhat hesitantly I decided to try this as I approach my 75th birthday on September 4th.Counting back from that day, I was struck by how many actual days were involved, That was a graphic reminder of the number of years.

But…on June 22nd I begin my project. I am aware there will be some challenges as I will also be away from home three weeks of that time. But? New territory? New opportunities? I am reminded that an RAK can be as small as picking up litter or giving a compliment to a stranger. It can be as large as visiting a nursing home. It can involve money as putting coins in a parking meter, paying for the coffee of a person in line behind you. It can be writing a note or making a call. It can be donating food to a food pantry or helping to serve at a community dinner.

You may, of course, do more than RAK a day, but you may not carry over additional ones to a future day. In some ways this could be called ” Intentional Acts of Kindness.” But intentional or random, the possibilities are endless, and my hope is that in some small, sometimes very small way, I will have a positive impact on the Universe.

Maybe you’d like to take on such a project as well. Lucky for you if you’re a lot younger than I am. 🙂

© Dorothy C. Judd

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  1. Lisa Gross says:

    How wonderful! Enjoy this.

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