I’ve always wondered…

Why will cats walk all over a human but not on another cat?

Why aren’t there more breakdowns in women’s fitting rooms, especially during swimsuit season?

When you’re in a hurry, why do you hit every red light?

Why does someone bring delicious treats to work the very day you start a diet?

When you’re playing solitaire, and three aces are exposed, why can’t you turn up the ace for the 2 and 3 you have showing?

Why do the best shows on TV come on the same night and time? (Oh wait, I think I know the answer to that one.)

Why, how, when did “going to the prom” become ” going to prom”?

Why is it harder to open some food packages than it is to break into a car or a house?

Is it really true that good guys finish last? And if they do, why?

© Dorothy C. Judd

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About twofelines

What to say? I love my family and friends. I also love kids, cats, and books. Oh, and potato chips and Cheez-its. I am a retired teacher who still loves to be in the classroom, so now I am a substitute teacher.
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