Weird Headlines

Weird Headlines

Below is a collection of headlines you never thought you’d see.

GPS Makes Finding Jesus a Snap

(Orlando Sentinel)

Hamster Taken into Protective Custody – when owner arrested.

Police Believe Oregon Farmer Was Eaten by Hogs.  Valley News 10/3/12

Officer Held in Plot to Cook  Women and Eat Them  (NY Times  10/26/12)

Shark Falls From Sky onto California Golf Course

Elephant in South Korea Learns to Speak, Perhaps Because It’s Lonely

(Valley News  11/3/12)

Cat’s Write-in Campaign Draws Few Votes in Virginia

(Valley News 11/28/12)

Pope Blesses His Followers in First Twitter Message  (12/13/12)

Blind dog Gets Seeing-Eye Cat  (Mother Nature’s Notebook  1/10/13)

Parishes Offer a Collection e-Basket

Cathedral of Holy Cross accepts credit cards at kiosk

(Boston Globe  1/10/13)

© Dorothy C. Judd

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