Part II: Jacks…

Part II:  Jacks and the Game of Life

(Continued from Monday’s post.)

4. Judgment is everything:  You want to toss the ball high enough to give yourself a chance to scoop up several jacks, but not so high you lose control of the ball.  And the best way to develop  good judgment is through practice and risk-taking.  See #’s 1 and 2.

5. Visualization:  Picture how you’d like the jacks to land, and aim for that as you throw, but…

6. Acceptance:  Be prepared to work with what you get.  This is so obvious it doesn’t even need to be translated into a life situation.

7. Equipment:  You play best with your own jacks and ball.  They feel familiar in your hands.  You can trust them.  You know them.  Your best friend gets a new set and you covet the fancy striped ball or the shiny jacks.  But they just don’t play like yours.  New is not always better.

8. Perfection: NOT:  No matter how much you practice, the times will be few and far between when you can go straight through from one to ten without a flub.  Perfection.  It’s a curse a number of us have to fight.  In life, as in jacks, there will be many times when your skill and determination have nothing to do with it.  It’s just the nature of the game.

9. Luck: In the end, in jacks and in life, that’s the way the ball bounces.  But life, unlike jacks, allows for few, if any, do-overs.

10. Enjoy the game:  Focus on the process, the present moment.  Delight in what you’re doing.  After all, it’s only a game!

© Dorothy C. Judd

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  1. Lisa Gross says:

    This is wonderful advice and so well written!

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