I had a childhood friend named Carole. I lived at the top of the hill,  she lived at the foot.

We spent a lot of time going up and down that hill because we often argued over games and went home mad. She must have cheated in the game of War, saying that the higher card was hers, because to this day I keep my hand on the card I put down.

We played endless games of Parcheesi, Carole’s favorite, and argued over that as well. It was my game, and we were usually playing at her house, so I would pack up my game and go home. Often I was barely in the house before she would call to “make up,”  or , if she didn’t call, I would soon call her. Then back I’d go, down the hill, with my game.

I am reminded of Carole every time I play Parcheesi with my grandchildren, but I am happy to report that we haven’t had a serious argument over a game yet.

BTW: Carole’s phone number was 4581!

© Dorothy C. Judd

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What to say? I love my family and friends. I also love kids, cats, and books. Oh, and potato chips and Cheez-its. I am a retired teacher who still loves to be in the classroom, so now I am a substitute teacher.
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2 Responses to Parcheesi

  1. Carol D'Agostino says:

    What a memory! The phone number I mean!

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