Red Soup

Red Soup

Say it isn’t so!  According to a recnt newspaper article, Campbell’s Tomato Soup is judged outdated! It seems the “Millenials”  (ages 18 –early 30’s), the target audience of marketers, prefer soup with more international, exotic flavors. They also prefer different packaging: a pouch to heat in the microwave because it gives the feeling of freshness and convenience. Seems they don’t want to be bothered opening a can, adding , even liquid, and using a saucepan!

Campbell’s Tomato Soup has always been my number one comfort food. When I was sick or if I had been sick, it was Campbell’s Tomato Soup to the rescue. It was also a favorite lunch, sometimes paired with a grilled cheese sandwich, sometimes with broken saltines stirred in, sometimes just plain. And speaking of plain, my mother always made it with water, not milk, and so do I. I was so young when I first started requesting it that I called it simply “red soup.”

I distinctly remember being allowed to go to the little neighborhood store by myself at age 6 to buy  a can of this soup. I  asked for “red soup” and then had to explain to the store owner what I meant. It cost 13 cents and a red token., canned goods being rationed during the war.

Now here is the interesting part. When just for the heck of it I did  a fact-check, the research said that in 1944 , when this would have happened, Campbell’s Tomato Soup was25 cents for three cans.  Either I am way off on the memory of 13 cents or that store had one heck of a mark-up. The articles on rationing coupons and tokens were so confusing, I couldn’t even figure out if my memory on the token was correct.

So I am reminded of a favorite quote from  Hannah Green’s “I Never Promised You a Rose Garden” when the psychiatrist says to the main character, “Some of the things we remember best never happened! ”

Jeez, maybe I didn’t even go to the store!  But I do know this: I’ll buy  Campbell’s Tomato Soup in the can as long as it is available, and then, I suppose, I’ll buy it in a pouch and heat in the microwave like a Millenial!

© Dorothy C. Judd

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What to say? I love my family and friends. I also love kids, cats, and books. Oh, and potato chips and Cheez-its. I am a retired teacher who still loves to be in the classroom, so now I am a substitute teacher.
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3 Responses to Red Soup

  1. Carol D'Agostino says:

    Interesting! I have never had tomato soup made with water. We always make ” cream of tomato”. I”ll have to try it and find out what I have been missing.

  2. picheney says:

    WOW – I didn’t realize I could reply this way – I agree with comfort food – try to avoid canned soup because of high sodium, but nothing else tastes good when I’m sick – and it’s a staple for 2 of my favorite super-fast dinners. For real soup lunches my husband likes Progresso – cans open with a tab and no need to add water – and he preceeds yuppies. Pi

  3. Pam Cheney says:

    No no no no NOOOOOO!! I have to have the condensed Tomato soup to make my favorite childhood comfort food (“Hamburger Stroganoff”: stir 1 can Campbell’s Tomato Soup and a half pint of sour cream into 1 lb browned hamburger, reheat a bit and serve over Uncle Ben’s rice).
    As for the soup, we always made it with milk and I used nearly an entire roll of Ritz crackers in it–adding a few broken up crackers at a time so they stayed crunchy.

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